Thursday, February 24, 2011

Employment Search/Options:
Below are some websites you can use for job searches:

Below are a list of options for America Citizens and obtaining legal working status in Mexico:

Documents needed to obtain work for Mexican Citizen;

2.Seguridad y Solidaridad Social---free @ instituto Mexicano Seguro Social
3.CURP--you will receive this number on your IFE card

Finding a Place to Live

Finding a place to live is possibly one of the most exasperating part of the relocating process if you don't have someone on the ground.
Landing in a country with no where to go and no clue where to start is the worst=( I have witnessed first hand person after person being dropped off at the border with nothing and no where to go and I hate it.

I (lilly) live in a border town (TJ) mexico and I have been able to lend a helping hand to a few families to get here, and get started and it is one of the best feelings ever=)  The best advice I could offer is ask, ask, ask... no question is a dumb question!  If at all possible plan, plan, plan.... and if available save, save, save......

Mexico House Rental Searches:

p.s. if you know of any websites we can list for other countries please send Lilly or Kim the web link so we can review it and hopefully get it posted..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Welcome

Welcome all,
I hope you stumbled upon us by accident and not because you need our help. However if you find yourself in the same place as us, welcome and know the trip isn't so bad. Our quest with this blog is to help as many people as we can navigate the process of deportation and settling in with your new life.
We are not here to ride the political train that is immigration, we are only here to help those whose lives have been affected by deportation.
We do not assume to know everything. When we don't, we will try to find out and if we can't, we invite you to contribute a piece when you sort it out.
There are two of us, Lilly and Kim (I'm Kim) our lives are very different and we come from totally different places yet we have been brought together by deportation and our want to help.
A bit more about us:
As I said, I'm Kim. I'm late 20's, have a beautiful daughter and married to a wonderful man. He is a Salvadorian native, who managed to not become a US Citizen even after 20ish years of living here and in staying true to form, when he broke the law, he made sure he broke it good. We hired an immigration attorney, went to court, were ordered deported and when given the chance to appeal and win, we thought, we prayed, and then we said thanks but no thanks!
So here we are, he lives in Mexico while I still live in the States with our daughter. He was deported to El Salvador mid 2010. We are in the process of adjusting his status in Mexico and getting all our ducks in a row for my move. I'm not as adventurous as Lilly and was terrified to drop everything and make the move. I'm taking it slow, making sure we owe no one and have a nice home and steady employment before I go back to my Mexico.
I shall now pass you on to Lilly, she's spunky, super smart and such a sweetheart.

Hi All, It's me Lilly=) aka "Triple S"...I am a 30 somethin' mother of 5, 2 step-kids and 3 painfully birthed! Ages 5,11,14,16. I am married to my soul mate/deportee hence why I live in Mexico now and am able to do this blog.
January 21, 2010 was the day my husband was surprisingly picked up by ICE and detained from a felony committed in 1994.
March 30, 2010, thousands of dollars later, lots of heartache and b.s. we both decided to throw in the towel and begin the process of getting on with our lives in Mexico.
I’m not as patient and organized as my "Kimmy" is and in soo many words the day that he got on the bus to Tijuana, I packed up our babies and clothes and drove here! I would never give the advice to do as i did, but being in my circumstance it was what worked for us. We needed to be together with "Papi" and that was the "bottom line..." So yes Kim and I have been united by Gods Grace and also the good ol' INS/Deportation scene and we just wanna help YOU!!

To go through what the 2 of us have gone through the whole deportation process is not one of the easiest things to go through, especially when you do not know where to begin and feel all alone... That is the purpose for this blog; we want to share our ups, downs, ideas, leads and advice to help you get through it. We are hoping that this will start a wonderful network of help and understanding...